Denture Teeth UV – A1


Denture Teeth UV is an odorless, easy to polish, biocompatible material used for digital dentures. It has high tensile and flexural strength and is abrasion-resistant. great durability allows it to resist corrosion from everyday products such as coffee, tea, and carbonated liquids. Its texture and color tone match those of natural teeth.


 Properties Unit Standard Result
Flexural Strength MPa ASTM D790 90.5-97.2
Flexural Modulus MPa ASTM D790 2056.5-2230.7
Water Sorption % ASTM D570 0.8-1.3
Impact Strength (Notched) J/m ASTM D648 34.7-48.8
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 80

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