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Sending Digital Impressions/Intraoral Scanning

Intraoral Scanning

1. Make sure to pack cord prior to scanning.

2. Make sure the prep is clean of blood and saliva the best you can as this can distort the quality of the scan.

3. Make sure to review your prep prior to sending to make sure we have at least 1mm of occlusion clearance.

4. Make sure the margin is clean and can be read by the lab.

5. We strongly recommend taking a full arch scan of the lower and upper so we can make sure the occlusion is correct.

6. A small quadrant scan is okay but full arch is much better.

Intraoral Scanning Implants

1. Make sure you have the correct platform and size of implant before ordering your intraoral scan body.

2. We recommend ordering the titanium intraoral scan jigs from DESS USA.

3. Titanium is important because the peak material and plastic flex over time and we have seen discrepancies on the fit.

4. Make sure the scan jig is seated passively 100 percent, if the scan jig is not seated it will affect the outcome of the final restoration.

5. Make sure to review the bite before submitting the case.

6. When submitting a multiple unit implant case we recommend you call before hand and have one of our dental technicians at the computer to review the submission of the scan before sending the patient home. This will ensure we do not have to get them back in for a re-scan. All these steps need to be reviewed and QC’d at time of visit.

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