HeyGears ChairSide System

Discover unparalleled dental solutions with Integrity Dental Services – your premier choice for high-quality, dental-specific 3D printing technology. Elevate your practice with our cutting-edge chairside 3D printers, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern dentistry. The capabilities include:

Denture Bases: Craft precise and durable denture bases that ensure patient comfort and fit.
Custom Trays: Enhance treatment accuracy with tailor-made trays for impressions and other dental procedures.
Crown and Bridge Models: Produce detailed models for crowns and bridges, enabling flawless restorations.
Soft Tissue Models: Simulate soft tissue with remarkable precision for comprehensive treatment planning.
Night Guards: Create custom-fitted night guards that offer protection against bruxism, ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction.
Full Arch PMMA Temporaries: Provide immediate, high-quality temporary solutions for full arch restorations.
Complete Dentures: Revolutionize full denture production with our 3D printers, offering exceptional fit and aesthetics.
Temporary and Long-Term Crowns: Quickly fabricate temporary crowns that blend seamlessly with natural teeth, ensuring patient confidence during the interim period.

At Integrity Dental Services, we are committed to advancing your dental practice with innovative technology and exceptional quality. Explore our range of dental-specific 3D printers and take the first step toward redefining patient care. Elevate your dental services today with Integrity Dental Services.

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Crown and Bridge
Utilizing our HeyGears 3D printers we are able to offer amazing C&B temporaries
Try-in Dentures
Utilizing digital dentistry tools like an intra oral scanner, our streamlined digital dental workflows to produce solutions like a try in dentures for fit and a more immediate solution for your patients.
Our bite splint or night guards are a digitally designed, patient-specific, 3D-printed device using HeyGears 3D printers in bio-compatible material.
Custom Trays
We offer 3D-printed custom impression trays for denture prosthetic restorations and more. 3D Printed custom impression trays are the most accurate trays you will get for your prosthesis.


We proudly print products on HeyGears 3D printers, the automated HiVE + A2D 4k, Desktop printer, and 3 A2D 3D printers.

We utilize resin from HeyGears and Keystone Dental

  • Denture Bases
  • Custom Trays
  • Crown and Bridge Models
  • Soft Tissue
  • Night Guards
  • Full Arch PMMA temporaries
  • Complete Dentures
  • Temporary Crowns

Depending on the indication, the turn around times are 3-8 in lab days (business days)

Yes, they are both FDA certified and 510K certified for intra oral use. 


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