Denture Teeth UV


Denture Teeth UV is an odorless, easy to polish, biocompatible material used for digital dentures. It has high tensile and flexural strength and is abrasion-resistant. great durability allows it to resist corrosion from everyday products such as coffee, tea, and carbonated liquids. Its texture and color tone match those of natural teeth.

Color:A1 , A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, and BL

 Properties Unit Standard Result
Flexural Strength MPa ASTM D790 90.5-97.2
Flexural Modulus MPa ASTM D790 2056.5-2230.7
Water Sorption % ASTM D570 0.8-1.3
Impact Strength (Notched) J/m ASTM D648 34.7-48.8
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 80

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