Model HP UV 2.0


Model HP UV 2.0 is tailor-made for the production of high-precision dental molds. The material features high precision, high surface hardness, and fast building speeds. It is capable of detailed restorations, exceptional surface quality, and outstanding long-term dimensional stability. The low viscosity helps minimize material consumption and cleaning.

 Properties Unit Standard Result
 Flexural strength  MPa  ASTM D790  83.2-88.2
 Flexural modulus  MPa  ASTM D790  2180-2351
 Water sorption  %  ASTM D570  0.72-0.98
 Hardness  Shore D  ASTM D2240  83
 Impact strength (notched)  J/m  ASTM D648  32.0-36.6
 Working temperature  ℃  /  <50℃

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